NIR Technology That is Transforming Food Quality

Improving food manufacturing with cutting-edge technology for enhanced quality, efficiency, and profitability. Watch our 2-minute video to learn more, and book a meeting to explore how we can redefine your future operations and profitability.

Maximize Your Meeting:

Tailored Key Highlights for Our Discussion

Understand your specific needs, challenges, and goals in food manufacturing

Learn how precision NIR solutions can improve quality and efficiency.

Discover the potential for increased profitability and operational optimization.

Share tailored insights and information to address your challenges

Discuss personalized strategies for integrating NIR into your production processes.

Meeting Locations: Where Tailored Insights Await

Unlock the Potential of NIR for Your Business Through Personalized Meeting

OR and WA Meetings

The week of May 20th finds me amidst Utah's majestic landscapes, ready to share a coffee and gaze into the mountains as we discuss how NIR technology can transform your operations.

The following week, I'll be venturing into Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, keen to dive deep into your unique challenges and explore the vast potential of NIR for your company's future success.

Spaces are limited - let's meet and make the most of this opportunity!

Virtual Meeting Invitation

Can't make it to our in-person events? No problem! Book a tailored virtual session at your convenience to explore how our precision NIR technology can redefine your food production. Flexible timings match your schedule.

Have an Old Instrument to Trade-in?

Take advantage of limited offer discounts for new and existing customers

Discounts for Grain Elevators

For a limited time, FOSS is offering a trade in discount for your FOSS – or any competitive manufacturer’s – grain analyzer to upgrade to the Infratec™.

Discounts for Feed Mills

For a limited time, FOSS is offering a trade in discount for your FOSS – or any competitive manufacturer’s – grain or feed analyzer to upgrade to the NIRS™ DA1650. New to FOSS? Ask us about our discount for new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Commonly Questions

What is NIR role in food manufacturing?

NIR technology plays a crucial role in quality assurance, process optimization, and food safety by providing real-time insights into raw material composition.

What are the cost-saving benefits of NIR technology?

NIR technology helps in minimizing reworks, reducing raw material costs, and maximizing efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings for food manufacturing operations.

Why discuss NIR technology?

NIR technology enables rapid and non-destructive analysis of food and agricultural products, leading to improved efficiency and reduced waste. Additionally, NIR technology can help ensure product quality and safety by detecting contaminants and monitoring nutrient levels in crops.

What Insights plant managers get from NIR?

Plant managers can gain valuable insights into how NIR technology can enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, and maximize savings in food production processes.

Why learn about NIR for food operations?

Scheduling an appointment provides an opportunity to explore how NIR technology can transform your food manufacturing operations, leading to enhanced quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Why use NIR technology for product quality?

NIR technology facilitates raw material standardization, ensuring uniformity and consistency in product batches, thereby upholding the quality specifications of the end products.

How NIR help with production optimization?

NIR technology enables swift and precise analysis of raw materials, allowing for formulation adjustments, strategic substitutions, and waste reduction, leading to optimized production processes.

What are the benefits of NIR for quality managers?

Quality managers can leverage NIR technology to streamline quality control, optimize processes, and uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring top-tier food products.

What are the benefits of NIR technology for Executives?

Executives can gain a comprehensive understanding of how NIR technology can drive profitability, improve product consistency, and align with sustainability goals in food manufacturing.

What are key appointment considerations?

Scheduling an appointment allows for a detailed discussion on how NIR technology can address specific challenges, improve processes, and drive business growth in food manufacturing.

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